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Helloo my name is Cat but you can call me Chav if you prefer. I draw stuff.

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The Avengers concept art : Final Battle. ( x )

that’s really interesting. Seems like things got more out of control for Loki in early drafts than what wound up in the final film.

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what are you prepared to do?

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“The Avengers”, Deleted Scenes » The Other Tells Loki to Lead, Pt. 1:  “Mow Them Down.”

Other Related GIF Set(s) [Deleted Scenes]:  Alternate Bridge Scene, Pt. 2: Volstagg and Loki Sass Each Other

People we need to talk about this gif


JFC Loki!! This gif is nsfw!! 

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Part 1 of ???

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Avengers Deleted Scenes: Thor attacks the Tesseract

This post will be deleted once better image is released. Just a comment on this: I guess Thor eventually joined Black Widow at the top of Stark Tower? Unless it was Thor who originally was supposed to reach the scepter first. So many possibilities. I love how Thor looks here…sigh.

This is from the Shield Avengers Initiative Disk from Marvel Phase One collection.

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Part 2 of ???

So, Loki didn’t actually need the sceptre to communicate with the Other. (Or, at least, not while the portal was open.)

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Marvel Phase One: The Avengers - by Ryan Meinerding
hi-res [x]

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カウチ by はがた

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#I´am not puny

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